Helal durum

Trust Levels

For delimitation of catering establishments HalalFood on the pages of its catalog introduced the concept of “confidence level”. We have identified three levels and marked them with flags of different colors. We remind you that the user can sort out the available points at his discretion.

We use a five-level ranking system to determine the halal status of the place.

  • certificate-green The institution passed the certification procedure and has the appropriate certificate.
  • certificate-yellow In the institution there is no haram raw materials and products, to that the raw material suppliers have a halal certificate.
  • certificate-red In an establishment along with halal dishes served alcohol and hookahs.
  • Verified by Halal Food Polska Team

These criteria should directly influence the choice of a place in favor of a certified one. But at the same time, when necessary, we list halal places that partially halal (i.e. serve alcohol).

The highest level of trust - in this category only those institutions that have passed the verification procedure get and have received the certificate of the authorized body.

They meet the standards of halal, use high-quality raw materials in their work. However, the activity of the cafe is not certified by the relevant authority.

Cafe dishes that meet the requirements and are prepared from halal raw materials. However, in these institutions, along with the allowed menu, served alcohol and hookahs.